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Knights Of Rizal

The history of the Knights of Rizal go back to December 30, 1911 when Colonel Antonio C. Torres organized a 9 group of men from different walks of life for the purpose of commemorating in a fitting manner the execution and martyrdom of our foremost national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Thereafter, year after year, the same group would gather to celebrate the birth and commemorate the death of Dr. Jose Rizal. During Rizal Day celebrations, this group would be seen conspicuously on horseback reminiscent of the knights of old known for their chivalry and exemplary life.

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Life of Rizal

Rizal’s Life Works & Writings A movie presentation of Rizal’s Life, Works and Writings

1. Brief description of Rizal’s Life a. His Family b. His Town c. His School up to University of Sto. Tomas 2. Travels of Rizal a. First travel of Rizal Abroad b. Second travel abroad c. Third travel from Dapitan (local) to Spain and Back to the Philippines. 3. Friends associate of Rizal Foreign & Local 4. Girlfriends of Rizal 5. Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo Summary 6. Ideals of Rizal 7. Name of some Poems and Writings of Rizal

Created by: Luis V. Navarro Informatics International College Diliman BSIT – Multimedia


GMA News TV’s “Pluma” is a docudrama produced to commemorate national hero Jose Rizal’s 150 birth anniversary. Narrated by Howie Severino and starring Rocco Nacino as Rizal, “Pluma” is a historic piece that traces the evolution of Rizal’s writings. It shows how Rizal was able to document every stage of his life himself through his writings, detailing the crucial situations he faced as a nationalist.

“Pluma” is a finalist in the 2012 New York Festivals. It is one of nine finalists coming from GMA News and Public Affairs.

KOR News

Knights of Rizal 21st International Assembly, February 23-25, 2017, SMX Convention Center, Davao City

Article by Sir Juan Castro, MD, KGOR

154th Birthday Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal – Program of Activities

Program of Activities – St. Louis Missouri Chapter

Life of Rizal

His Family
Noli Me Tangere
El Filibusterismo

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