The Five S


In carrying out our programs, projects, and activities, we, the Knights of Rizal always strive to keep in mind, focus on, observe, act with, and manifest – based on Section 2 of R.A. No. 646 and our Bylaws – The Five (5) S of the “Knights of Rizal” Corporate Purposes:
   1. STUDYING  Dr. Jose Rizal’s every teaching and perspicacity;
   2. SPREADING these teachings to inculcate, propagate, and emulate or
   3.  SERVING in the spirit of Rizalian patriotism, and Rizalian chivalry;
   4.  SOLIDARITY and unity in revering Dr. Rizal’s memory; and
   5.  SPECIALNESS in commemorating his life, works, martyrdom, and
Because we exist to perpetuate Dr. Jose Rizal’s truths and ideals beyond his death, for the benefit of the Filipino people in particular and of humanity in general, we bear in mind our Motto every time we take action to promote and bring about our purposes:
Non Omnis Moriar
Not All In Me Shall Die
Hindi Lahat Sa Akin Ay Mamamatay
And as we act for the betterment of all, we sing our Hymn with feeling:
KOR Hymn
Knights of Rizal nobly stand
to love and cherish acts of gallantry
enlighten humanity of heroic deeds
for the family and country.
Reform and serve for world success
the seal of unity and integrity
progressive community all over the world
and for love of God and for all.
Work for peace and prosperity
To free the world from agony;
Work for peace and prosperity
To free the world from agony.
Hail, Knights of Rizal!
Then we firmly stand by our reason for being or raison d’être:
Since being a Rizalian Knight
Means being a warrior to fight
Not only for the truth and the light
But also for the just and the right.